Information regarding face to face service

In this time of social isolation that is being requested to all of us, the Central Academic Services of UFP appeal to Students, Former Students and Applicants to privilege the use of digital channels:

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend that interested parties do not go to the Students Office, Admissions Office and Social Action Office for face to face service.

Face to face service that is absolutely essential must be previously scheduled: access the Virtual Students Office (https://portal.ufp.pt/authentication.aspx) and choose the Scheduling form.

Student information requests should be directed to the Services preferably through the Virtual Students Office (https://portal.ufp.pt/authentication.aspx) or by telephone (+ 351 225 071 300 – Extension for the Health Sciences Faculty: 3019; Extension for the Science and Technology Faculty and for the Human and Social Sciences Faculty: 2420). For admission information, please use the email ingresso@ufp.edu.pt or telephone (+ 351 225 071 340).

Any documentation must be sent digitally by email to the respective service: Students Office: secretaria@ufp.edu.pt, Admissions Office: ingresso@ufp.edu.pt and Social Action Office: gase@ufp.edu.pt. Students can also opt to deposit documents as an attachment on the Virtual Students Office.